The roll-out of Covid-19 vaccines is a massive logistical challenge – especially as some types of vaccines need to be kept at extremely low temperatures to maintain their efficacy. Polyurethanes can play an important role in keeping our vaccines cool on their journey to you.

Today, many polyurethanes producers in the cooling and refrigeration sector are re-directing part of their work to the creation of storage systems, like special coolers, where COVID-19 vaccines can be stored.

These refrigerators use resistant polyurethane foam which insulate to protect against warming and ensure vaccines doses stand up to the rigors of long-distance journeys to reach patients across continents and countries. As production of vaccines constantly increases and distribution becomes systematic, the polyurethane industry is ramping up to meet the demand and manufacturers of these specialized coolers also have begun to refine their designs to be even more durable, lightweight and energy efficient.

Read here an example of ultra-freezers for safe storage of vaccines.