Why choose polyurethanes?

Not only are polyurethanes affordable and safe, they are also sustainable materials offering added comfort and protection to our everyday lives. 





Fire Safety

Polyurethanes and sustainability

The sustainability section outlines how polyurethanes preserve the Earth’s natural resources by reducing the need for energy. It also summarises what the polyurethanes industry is doing to protect our planet’s resources for future generations, and shows the recycling and energy recovery options available at the end of a polyurethane product’s lifetime.

Polyurethanes and comfort

The comfort section describes how polyurethanes make our lives more comfortable, from the relaxation provided by foams in furniture and bedding, to the insulation that regulates temperature inside buildings.

Polyurethanes and protection

The Protection section demonstrates a host of benefits and protective effects of polyurethanes, from reducing the need for additional energy in products like refrigerators thanks to efficient insulation, to their use in

  • Car manufacturers may be obliged by law to ensure that noise levels inside cars fall below a certain level, and could then work with polyurethane producers to meet required targets. Entire door panels could be made of polyurethanes because of the different forms they can take.
  • Manufacturers of mattresses may demand a firmer consistency to the foams they use and polyurethane manufacturers could work with mattress designers to meet these specific requirements.

The versatility of Polyurethanes

The versatility section highlights the extensive range of existing polyurethane applications, as well as the potential for future developments. It shows how the material’s enormous adaptability and availability, not to mention affordability and recyclability, make it a material of choice for many manufacturers.

Fire safety

The  Fire Safety section underlines the polyurethanes industry’s commitment to improve their products’ and profiles’ fire performance in order to maintain high levels of safety for buildings and their residents. It also emphasizes that a holistic approach must be considered, product design being only one aspect, in order to ensure the number of fires continues to reduce.

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