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Polyurethanes deliver you comfort throughout your daily life, but do you know where?

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What is polyurethane?

Polyurethane is a plastic material, which exists in various forms. It can be tailored to be either rigid or flexible, and is the material of choice for a broad range of end-user applications.

Building insulation

Better insulation for energy efficiency and reduced emissions.

Refrigerators and freezers

Improving cooling devices to save energy.

Furniture and bedding

Enhanced support and comfort with polyurethane foams


More comfort, better fit and higher performance.


Advanced lightweight components for a comfortable ride.

Coatings and adhesives

Enabling new designs, sealing solutions and light-weight innovations.

The polyurethanes industry focuses on the three pillars of sustainable development:

Environmental responsibility • Economic growth • and Social progress.

Sustainable development

Environmental responsibility

In terms of the environment, polyurethanes actively help fight climate change in a variety of ways:

  • As effective insulators, they improve the energy efficiency of buildings, transportation and appliances by reducing the need for heating and cooling, thereby lowering carbon emissions.
  • Increased energy savings and enhanced energy efficiency in buildings can be achieved in a number of ways: polyurethane roof and wall insulation, wall and window insulation and pipe insulation all ensure that temperatures are maintained.
  • Today, about 45% of fossil fuels are used to cool and heat the interiors of buildings and homes. Through the use of insulation materials, considerable energy savings can be made, resulting in a substantial reduction in CO2.

The polyurethanes industry is constantly striving to improve the end-of-life phase of its products to achieve even greater sustainability. More than 250,000 tons of polyurethanes from European sources are recycled and recovered every year.

Sustainable development

Economic growth

Through both direct and indirect activities, the polyurethanes industry represents tens of thousands of companies and millions of jobs the world over. Its growth is sustainable, as polyurethanes make a considerable contribution to resource conservation.

Continued development and application of polyurethanes, with a view to enhancing the energy efficiency of products, is an important step in helping us reduce greenhouse gas emissions and bringing us closer to our goal of an environmentally sustainable world.

Sustainable development

Social progress

Polyurethanes also bring greater levels of comfort and ease to everyday life. In other words, through the production of useful, high-quality products, polyurethanes not only benefit the environment and the economy, but also the lives of those who use them.

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