Why polyurethane?

Polyurethanes are used in a broad range of applications because of their properties and benefits. Not only are polyurethanes affordable and safe, they are also sustainable materials offering added comfort and protection to our everyday lives.

Polyurethanes are affordable because they provide very high levels of insulation with minimal thickness. As a conseqsuence there are fewer adjustments to be made to the design of buildings in order to accommodate the necessary depth of insulation. This in turn saves on costs, as it minimises the impact on elements such as the depth of eaves, joists, rafters or studs, lengths of fixings and the size and strength of overall structure.

Insulation is the most important application of polyurethanes in buildings. From a sustainability perspective, polyurethanes contribute to preserve natural resources by reducing the need for energy, and this is the reason why they are the insulation material of choice. There are multiple advantages to using polyurethanes in buildings:

  • Buildings last longer and require less maintenance because of the durability of polyurethanes.
  • Rigid insulation boards made from polyurethanes are light but strong, moisture-resistant and easy to install.
  • Insulation boards and other types of spray foam insulation can retain their energy-efficient properties for as long as the building exists.
  • Compared to other forms of insulation, polyurethane foams are much more space-efficient, allowing architects and designers to maximise use of internal spaces.
  • Rigid polyurethane spray foam is particularly versatile and efficient for upgrading older buildings.
  • Polyurethanes are thinner and lighter, saving living space in the house
  • Polyurethanes offer simple solutions to achieve airtight envelopes preventing moisture and mold problems in the building

Furthermore, there are other key characteristics of this material such as the versatility and the comfort.

Polyurethanes are appreciated for their versatility, they are found in a variety of applications that are part of our daily lives. Polyurethanes can meet the highest of consumer expectations and their growing success and increased use is further boosted by the fact that they are affordable, safe and recyclable.

Polyurethanes are also known for the comfort they provide. From mattresses that adapt the shape of your body to car seats cushion and interiors that reduce vibrations and noise, polyurethanes offer comfort, relaxation and ergonomics.