Who is behind the project?


The Polyurethane Passive House project was undertaken by ISOPA with the help of Bostoen, to show how it is possible to build a passive house using polyurethane materials from floor to ceiling. This website will track the progress of building a passive house, taking an interactive approach to showing how a polyurethanes passive house is built from Day 1 to completion.

When the construction phase is over, this website will turn into a testimony of what it is to live in a polyurethane passive house, not only thanks to the benefits of polyurethanes in the building structure, but also thanks to the numerous polyurethane appliances used at home on a daily basis.

What is “Polyurethanes”?

Polyurethanes is a campaign launched by ISOPA to explain how polyurethanes are used in a wide variety of applications to create an ever growing range of consumer and industrial products that play a crucial role in making people’s lives more convenient, comfortable and environmentally friendly.

Polyurethanes are one of the most versatile groups of plastics - innovative and durable! The Polyurethanes website will help you discover more about polyurethanes. Through its many applications, it will show you how they play a vital role, not only in making our lives more comfortable and convenient, but also in conserving our planet's precious natural resources.

Because of its wide-ranging benefits, the industry is constantly coming up with new ways of using polyurethanes, so the list of applications is always growing as polyurethanes continue to replace more traditional materials. We keep track of innovative polyurethanes applications on Foaming an Opinion, our blog.

Who is ISOPA?

ISOPA is co-sponsor of this passive house project and is the European trade association for producers of diisocyanates and polyols - the main building blocks of polyurethanes. As part of its mission, ISOPA seeks to:

  • promote the highest standards of best practice in the distribution and use of diisocyanates and polyols
  • ensure that all stakeholders can easily access accurate and up-to-date information on diisocyanates and polyols
  • show how polyurethanes help fulfil society's present and future needs

ISOPA is focused on developing guidelines for safe and proper use of diisocyanates and polyols; producing statistics about the polyurethanes industry; sponsoring initiatives on recovery, recycling and product stewardship of polyurethanes both in Europe as well as in other areas of the world, and; producing and testing procedures to best respond to emergencies.

ISOPA’s members include: Bayer Material Science, Dow, BorsodChem, BASF, Huntsman, VENCOREX, Repsol, and Shell Chemicals.

Who is Bostoen?

Bostoen is the construction company who partners with ISOPA in the passive house project. Bostoen is a Belgian company, specialising in the construction of affordable passive buildings and the installation of solar panels. Bostoen are experts in passive living and contribute to the promotion and proliferation of environmentally friendly, energy efficient housing and apartments in Belgium.