Other applications


Polyurethane elastomers are used in a very wide range of applications, essentially in the engineering field, where properties of durability, abrasion resistance and chemical and oil resistance are needed. Applications include rollers and belts to carry minerals in quarrying operations, wheels for Rollerblades and hospital trolleys, rollers for printing processes and hoses, and other components in under-the-bonnet automotive applications.


Sealants prevent liquids and heat from entering or escaping through gaps and crevices. Polyurethanes are tough and can be used in harsh climatic conditions to protect windows. Sealants help to reduce heat loss, decreasing energy bills and carbon footprints. Other sealant applications include concrete expansion joints in the construction sector and pre-formed gasket seals in the automotive sector. Sealants are also used in electrical and electronic equipment to stop moisture entering components such as joints and switchgear devices.