Furniture and bedding

Modern homes and offices would be far less comfortable without polyurethanes. Flexible polyurethane foams are soft, yet provide good support, durable, and maintain their shape. They are an excellent and safe filling material for seating cushions and mattresses and can be produced to the density required by the manufacturer. Their versatility allows designers to use the full scope of their imagination when creating new products.

Polyurethane foams adapt to and support the body’s contours. Memory foam is a popular form of polyurethane, which adapts to the shape of a person’s body, ensuring restful sleep. It is widely used in hospitals, where it helps to prevent pressure sores in people who are bed-bound over long periods of time.


For end-of-life furniture and bedding, the polyurethane contained within can be used as an energy source, helping to conserve the Earth's precious resources. New developments in the production and use of polyurethanes mean that they will continue to offer design, safety and environmental benefits well into the future.