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Watch out (drum roll please) … here comes the polyurethane Passive House roof!

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Moving forward with the Passive House project!

Today was a very important day in the building of the Polyurethanes Passive House; everyone, ranging from the architect to ISOPA, came together to discuss the building plan so that we can bring you the next steps of an already fast moving construction site.

Introducing the Polyurethanes Passive House project

A while ago we decided to build a passive house to illustrate what we have been saying about polyurethanes for years: it is sustainable, comfortable and versatile. We therefore had the idea to build a house according to one of the most efficient construction standards, the passive house standard. But we wanted to do so using polyurethane materials wherever we could. Today we are pleased to launch the project and the website www.polyurethanes.org/passivehouse, where you will be able to follow the construction process step by step.

10 Polyurethane applications you would not have thought of

We recently came across this really nice video about chemistry and some of the stuff that comes from it. It would of take way more than 3 minutes and 30 seconds to provide the full picture but it already does a good job at illustrating, in a very didactic way, a few applications which would not exist without the innovative work of chemical engineers and designers. Looking at this we were reflecting on the general lack of understanding of the role of chemistry in our daily lives. We can’t really expect people to get excited about knowing what everything is made of, and their properties. But basic knowledge of what a product is made of does help a consumer’s decision. Polyurethanes are a good example: think about energy efficiency gains through their use as a powerful insulation material, be it in buildings or in the cold-food chain. To illustrate this in our own way, we drew up a list of stuff where polyurethanes are the key component.

The Draft Energy Efficiency Directive: a missed opportunity?

Making the most of the few calm moments that can be enjoyed in the European quarter in the month of August, we will reflect today on what will be a significant item in the European Council and the European Parliament’s agendas in September. We’re thinking about the Energy Efficiency Directive or EED, because nothing remains without an acronym very long in Brussels. The European Commission published its draft proposal on 22 June 2011, settling speculations over what the acronym would be, but most importantly allowing a first glance at how the Commission’s initial plans in the Energy Efficiency Plan 2011 had been enacted, if at all.

The “dream reaction” – using CO2 as a raw material for even more sustainable polyurethanes

On 30 May 2011, Fiona Harvey from the Guardian warned about carbon dioxide (CO2) emission figures to be published by the International Energy Agency (IEA), and our prospects seem bleak, to say the least. A record 30.6 gigatonnes CO2, mostly from burning fossil fuels, was released into the atmosphere in 2010 according to the agency - the worst figures to date.