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Conservatives claim victory over EU Energy Savings Bill

Last night, we guessed that a deal had been secured by European Parliamentarians on the Energy Efficiency Directive. In fact, … Continue reading...

Did MEPs agree on EU Energy Savings bill today?

Today, the European Parliament’s political groups were to finalise the compromise amendments on Claude Turmes’s report on the Energy Efficiency … Continue reading...

The Energy Efficiency Directive on a Tightrope

Bird on a Tight rope

License: Creative Commons; Credits: msuga

Our last post on the European debate on the energy efficiency directive dates back from … Continue reading...

The Draft Energy Efficiency Directive: a missed opportunity?

Making the most of the few calm moments that can be enjoyed in the European quarter in the month of August, we will reflect today on what will be a significant item in the European Council and the European Parliament’s agendas in September. We’re thinking about the Energy Efficiency Directive or EED, because nothing remains without an acronym very long in Brussels. The European Commission published its draft proposal on 22 June 2011, settling speculations over what the acronym would be, but most importantly allowing a first glance at how the Commission’s initial plans in the Energy Efficiency Plan 2011 had been enacted, if at all.