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Polyurethanes and the cold food chain: time to talk about food security

In 2015 Milan will host the Universal Exposition entitled “Feeding the Planet, Energy for life”. It will focus on nutrition … Continue reading...

Polyurethanes allow Europe to soar to new heights both day and night

Europe houses many projects ranging from the Truro-Falmouth Maritime Line in the United Kingdom to the Szombathely waste water treatment plant in Hungary; though important projects in their own right, they fall short in inspiration. With the world facing economic turmoil, people look to science to recharge their imagination as “men know that without hope they cannot really live”. We find this hope in sustainable projects like the Solar Impulse.

The “dream reaction” – using CO2 as a raw material for even more sustainable polyurethanes

On 30 May 2011, Fiona Harvey from the Guardian warned about carbon dioxide (CO2) emission figures to be published by the International Energy Agency (IEA), and our prospects seem bleak, to say the least. A record 30.6 gigatonnes CO2, mostly from burning fossil fuels, was released into the atmosphere in 2010 according to the agency - the worst figures to date.

Polyurethanes: “the stuff they make space suit out of”

Many blog posts have dealt with the Ipad2 and its brand new cover. It is our time to contribute, although not on the advantages and drawbacks of Apple’s new product, but rather on the new “Smart Cover”, which is made entirely of polyurethane.