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Building a sustainable future in the EU – Building Renovation & Energy Efficiency

On 25 March 2015, the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre (JRC) published its report ‘Energy Renovation: The Trump Card Continue reading...

A Walk to Remember: Polyurethane Throughout the Ages: Chapter 1- The 1940’s

75 years. The wonderful composition of polyurethane has been around for 75 years, growing decade by decade to enhance your … Continue reading...

Introducing the Polyurethanes Passive House project

A while ago we decided to build a passive house to illustrate what we have been saying about polyurethanes for years: it is sustainable, comfortable and versatile. We therefore had the idea to build a house according to one of the most efficient construction standards, the passive house standard. But we wanted to do so using polyurethane materials wherever we could. Today we are pleased to launch the project and the website www.polyurethanes.org/passivehouse, where you will be able to follow the construction process step by step.