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Polyureth(ings) you didn’t know about Wimbledon

It’s tennis season! Actually, tennis is played throughout the year and across the globe; nevertheless, one of the most exciting … Continue reading...

Euro 2012: Das Polyurethan-Ball ist rund

Football. It’s the world’s most popular sport with over 250 million players in over 200 countries. Its popularity stems from … Continue reading...

Plastic Fantastic: Look around round round

Here’s a cryptic question for our readers: What malleable substance do you not always see yet use every day?

Answer: … Continue reading...

Jogging away from commitment: the Energy Efficiency Directive

Horsens, located on the Danish coast and set against a backdrop of rolling hills and valleys, is a particularly charming … Continue reading...

Travelling through ‘the door of the desert’ on the Sun

Step 1: Open Wikipedia.

Step 2: Type ‘Ouarzazate’.

Step 3: Enjoy.

If you’ve gotten this far, you’ve found yourself privy … Continue reading...

Happy Holidays with Polyurethanes!

Christmas – the magical day that every child (and all of us who still want to be children!) looks forward … Continue reading...

Let’em ride! Or what skateboarding owes polyurethanes

For anyone who’s grown up in the past generation, Tony Hawk has been a familiar household name. So it’s hard … Continue reading...

10 Polyurethane applications you would not have thought of

We recently came across this really nice video about chemistry and some of the stuff that comes from it. It would of take way more than 3 minutes and 30 seconds to provide the full picture but it already does a good job at illustrating, in a very didactic way, a few applications which would not exist without the innovative work of chemical engineers and designers. Looking at this we were reflecting on the general lack of understanding of the role of chemistry in our daily lives. We can’t really expect people to get excited about knowing what everything is made of, and their properties. But basic knowledge of what a product is made of does help a consumer’s decision. Polyurethanes are a good example: think about energy efficiency gains through their use as a powerful insulation material, be it in buildings or in the cold-food chain. To illustrate this in our own way, we drew up a list of stuff where polyurethanes are the key component.

From polyurethanes to the Beach Boys: shaping a popular surf culture

“On 10 July 2011, surfers around the world will celebrate International Surfing Day. To take part we thought we would talk about the most important thing for a surfer – besides flare and waves – his board. Most surfboard owners may not know it but, there is a great chance that their board is made of polyurethane as it is most widespread material used to make surfboards.”

The secret power of wall insulation and A-rated boilers

The secret power of wall insulation and A-rated boilers Who said insulation wasn’t a sexy topic? - To be honest, pretty much everyone! And this is despite the obvious benefits of good insulation: it saves money, it is good for the environment and it is not rocket science. Polyurethanes are among the best-performing insulation materials, so we are fairly used to hammering these arguments at Polyurethanes. But in order to convince, Friends of the Earth UK ( FoE UK ) decided on a new approach; Inspired by US President Barack Obama’s most famous statement on energy efficiency “insulation is sexy stuff” (Watch it here), they recently released a must-see video illustrating the quote.