About Polyurethanes

Welcome to Foaming an Opinion, the blog we opened for the Polyurethanes campaign!

The organization behind the campaign and this blog is called ISOPA. We are the association representing the European Producers of diisocyanate and polyols, the main building blocks for polyurethanes.

For many of our readers the word “polyurethanes” will not sound familiar but they are materials used in various well-known appliances such as insulation panels, mattresses, Ipad 2 cases, refrigerators and many more. For example, you may not know that polyurethanes allow our homes to consume less energy; that they were used for theJabulani ball at the South African FIFA World Cup, but that they also used for surfboards and even pipe insulation!

In fact, if the couch you are sitting on is that comfortable it is most likely because of the polyurethane foam under the fabric; likewise polyurethanes may have something to do with a good night’s sleep. Your house’s walls do not account for good insulation; it is rather the kind of insulation that lies below the surface. The point is that thanks to our expertise on polyurethane, we do know a thing or two about the bigger picture; be it energy efficiency, innovation or even sports!  So we decided not to keep it to ourselves and perhaps contribute something original, a different angle.

2 years after we started the Polyurethanes campaign, explaining the benefits of polyurethanes to whomever we met on the way, we decided it was about time for us to contribute more actively online. The resources on polyurethanes are scarce online and let us face it, most people have never heard of polyurethanes. And there is no glory in remaining silent in an era that broadens access to information and sharpens people’s natural curiosity even further.

So, why not open a blog?

Why not talk about this company in Swaziland, who thanks to polyurethane technologies and solar power, managed to build solar eco-refrigerators to keep foods and vaccines refrigerated in a country where most people live off-grid and where crops rot in the heat?

Why not talk about the use of polyurethane as the material of choice to insulate passive houses, the most stringent standard in terms of eco-construction?

With this blog, we intend to share these stories that make polyurethane a great material; one that is sustainable, versatile and comfortable. But we also want to arouse your curiosity, to answer questions and exchange with the reader. We hope that our readers will shape this blog’s content, by asking questions, giving their opinion, sharing links etc. So please do not hesitate to leave a comment, recommend an article, another blog or else…

We hope you will enjoy it!


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