The power of a summer siesta thanks to Polyurethane flexible foam

Siesta: /sɪˈɛstə/ An afternoon rest or nap, especially one taken during the hottest hours of the day in a hot climate


All you’ve been dreaming about all winter is an after-lunch siesta, enjoying the fresh sea breeze? The time has come! Sit back on your polyurethane couch or lie on your polyurethane mattress and fully enjoy the benefits winding down.

Why is a summer siesta beneficial?

Undeniably sleep is beneficial for us. But specifically why is it worth spending that extra hour on our comfortable bed? First, one study on working women as well a review of literature on sleep both concluded that lack of sleep could affect one’s mood and lead to increased stress during the day. The opposite of what we want when we’re on holidays, wouldn’t you say?

Not to mention that sleep is key to perform better at summer sports that require strength and attention, such as surfing or diving. More specifically, according to a study on college athletes demonstrated a link between lack of sleep and a diminished ability to process information to make swift decisions.

As for the ones among us who see the summer as the best time to shed that extra winter weight – take a rest. As experts have reiterated on multiple occasions, sleeping hours amount for the time when our body heals any injuries, activates its metabolism and regenerates its tissues. Off to bed we go then!

In addition, a Clinical and Experimental Dermatology study  concluded that ultraviolet light exposure would have less impact on people who sleep between 7 and 9 hours per night. Who knew it was a good addition to our sunscreen.

Last but not least, enjoying an afternoon nap can also be beneficial for our fall performance at the office. Did you know that sleep-deprived people lose out on their short-term memory? Hence, if you’re planning to head south, don’t feel guilty to follow the locals’ lifestyle. You’ll reap the rewards in the fall.

How polyurethane can optimise your sleep

As we’ve hinted above, the essential component to a relaxed sleep is polyurethane. Polyurethane flexible foam is mattress manufacturers’ material of choice for its inimitable qualities – comfort, durability and support.

As for customers, they show preference to furniture made from polyurethane as its cellular structure, allows good ventilation and heat transfer. Polyurethane foams adapt to and support the body’s contours. Memory foam is a popular form of polyurethane, which adapts to the shape of a person’s body, ensuring restful sleep. That’s exactly what one is looking for when enjoying the benefits of a summer siesta.

Should you want additional information on the applications of polyurethanes engage with us on Twitter and visit our website! And above all, enjoy your summer!

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