Polyurethanes don’t do fashion. They’re fashion.

Twice a year, for a month, fashionistas from all over the world jump between the world’s fashion capitals to witness the culmination of designers’ genius: catwalks. If you think this is an easy process, think again. Running from show to show while looking flawless is harder than one imagines. This is why all designers, editors, bloggers and models can think of is how to better combine beauty and innovation with comfort. Thankfully polyurethanes are there to make their lives easier.

“I firmly believe that with the right footwear one can rule the world.” Right on Bette Midler!

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From the 1960’s to today to today polyurethane has taken centre stage in shoe production. Thanks to its versatility and long life-span polyurethane is the go to material for designers who want to offer their customers the best possible support for their feet while combining creativity. That’s optimal when you want to stand out in front of photographers. Or even when you want to look funky at the gym!

As for ethical fashionistas who wonder what will happen to their favourite pair when it has worn out from frenetically walking up and down the Jardin des Tuileries, we have good news! Polyurethane components are recyclable and could even be used as a potential energy source.

Polyurethane in clothes: at the service of the consumer

Aside from shoes polyurethane is used from bags to sports gear. A lot of women reading this article may just realise that one of their favourite bags or even the “leather” skirt they own is made of polyurethane. It’s a great alternative for consumers who want to avoid leather yet do not want to compromise in quality or aesthetics.

Furthermore, as technology and our everyday needs progressed textile manufacturers managed to combine polyurethane with nylon in order to produce swimsuits, socks or gym wear. It is partly thanks to polyurethane’s inimitable qualities that designers can materialise their creativity yet ensure their customers are comfortable in soft and breathable garments.

And for those living in Brussels, take a look at your raincoat’s tag. Often sports anoraks and light rain clothes are made of polyurethane coating to ensure top quality water resistance. That’s a big deal when you brave the raindrops multiple times a week!

Blown away by polyurethane’s applications? Share a picture of your favourite item made of polyurethane on Twitter and we’ll tell you more about the chemistry behind polyurethanes!

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