Home Sweet Home: Polyurethanes look after your comfort and health

A cozy place is the beginning of success

“I’d like mornings better if they started later,” were the words of a wise man. Wouldn’t you agree? Enjoying the warmth and comfort of your home helps you feel more rested, relaxed and ultimately happier. On a cold winter day a comfortable home helps you take the bull by the horns and have a productive day. . One of the crucial elements crucial to creating this comfortable environment is polyurethane, a key material without which many of your daily essentials would not feel and make you feel so good.

A great part of the furniture you have at home is made of polyurethane. For example, the sofa you sink in after a hard day’s work would feel the same without the polyurethane flexible foam. Thanks to polyurethane material’s inimitable properties your seating arrangements take the shape of your body and help improve your posture. Polyurethane flexible foam also ensures that your furniture remains comfortable for longer as it absorbs shocks better than other materials.

Sweet dreams with polyurethane flexible foam

When everyone speaks of the benefits of sleep, better make sure your bed is of the highest quality. Most mattresses contain polyurethane foam, also known as ‘memory foam’, as it adapts to the shape of a person’s body, ensuring restful sleep. Polyurethane mattresses are also considered top quality because their open cellular structure ensures for a good ventilation and heat transfer. With such comfortable bedding, no wonder we are so eager to get back to it every day!

Polyurethane: It is not because you cannot see that you cannot benefit from it

Polyurethane is also present in your home as carpet underlay. Thanks to polyurethane carpets stay comfortable for longer as polyurethane absorbs friction and helps reduce the wear and tear effect linked to daily use. Beyond the coziness it brings to house, polyurethane in carpets underlays is an excellent insulator. It helps limit noise pollution within your home thanks to its cushioning effect as well as save energy. Lower electricity bills thanks to polyurethane? Yes please!

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