Make the most of Christmas with Polyurethanes!

Do you know how much polyurethanes are an ally in helping you prepare a great Christmas celebration? Although the association between the two might not seem obvious at first, Christmas and polyurethanes truly are linked.

First things first, the dinner!

Polyurethanes can help to a less stressful Christmas meal preparation. Thanks to the Polyurethanes insulating foam of your fridge and refrigerating appliances, the cold food you buy days or even weeks in advance remains always fresh until the time finally comes to serve it. This can help spare you from the last-minute rush to the grocery store.

Of course, there would be no Christmas without the Christmas tree.

Christmas trees made from Polyurethanes can also help you in getting the Christmas spirit going. Artificial Christmas trees are indeed quite convenient since they can save you from the burdening task of cleaning up tree needles at the end of the season. In addition, they are sustainable alternatives since they are durable and can be reused many following years.

As for the decorations you will put on this tree, have you ever thought of making them yourselves? It is a fun activity for the young and less young, and quite a nice way to personalize your Christmas tree! If you would like to see how to make your very own polyurethane-coated ornaments which will last for the years to come, have a look at our previous blog post for inspiration.

On  your journey…

Many of us also need to drive away for Christmas, enjoying these festive times to catch up with families and friends. Then again, polyurethanes are an essential part of your journey! No matter how cold it is outside as long as your car is cozy and warm. Did you know that polyurethane is one of the materials that make your car trip more comfortable? Thanks to its insulating properties, it helps prevent external noise from covering the Christmas carols on the radio. It is also contained in your car seats to make them more comfortable throughout the journey.

… And on Christmas morning

Time to open the presents! Your new watch, your son’s new football ball, the latest fashionable clothes, your ski equipment for the coming snow trip… Many of these items would not be so good without polyurethanes making them more performant, nicer-looking, comfortable or resistant.

On the next day, polyurethane also helps you enjoy a comfortable rest. The mattress or the sofa on which you will be enjoying a well-deserved rest and some chocolates, are made so addictively comfortable thanks to the polyurethane foam composing them and giving them their flexibility and comfort.

Enjoy it all then! On behalf of the ISOPA team, we wish you a very Merry Christmas!


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