Let’s slide! Skiing warmly and safely with PU

As the temperatures goes down and the snow starts to fall, many dream about their coming Christmas holidays, and  for some of us this means ski season!

On the slopes, you might not realize it but many of your ski essentials use polyurethanes. Thanks to its great versatility, it has helped to the development and improvement of numerous articles crucial to making your winter sport experiences safer and more enjoyable.

Polyurethane keeps you warm from head to toe

Your ski boots for instance, would never have been the same without polyurethane in them! Polyurethanes provide the degree of flexibility necessary to your comfort during your trips down the mountains. They also prevent you from catching a cold as their weather-resistant characteristics keep your feet dry and warm, no matter how covered in snow you are. Ski boots using polyurethanes are also more durable and resistant as they are highly abrasion and scratch resistant. You don’t have to worry about ruining their looks after the first time you wear them.

On that note, did you know that polyurethane is the material that makes possible the design of many of your casual and sport shoes? You can discover all about it on our website.

Surfin’ on polyurethane

Most importantly, your skis themselves need polyurethane! Numerous ski models use polyurethane as their core, as polyurethane foams make them be lighter without losing their strength and resistance.  Polyurethane is also present in many ski bindings, to ensure the strong grip of your feet on your skis.

Polyurethane also matters for the design of your skis and snowboards. Your new fashionable skis or board would not look so good without a thin layer of polyurethane coating covering them and ensuring that the design printed on your skies is protected from the weather and impacts. Without such protective film, they would probably turn yellow in no time.

All in all, Polyurethane is used because it helps your ski articles to be always more resistant, durable and fashionable. And that’s what makes your ski experience so much safer and better.Ski

Source: Wikimedia commons

So next time to speed down the slopes, remember that polyurethane is here to help you enjoy great ski holidays!

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