European Commission DG Energy public consultation on energy efficiency now closed!

Did you submit your contribution? The public consultation on ‘Progress towards the 2020 energy efficiency objective and a 2030 energy efficiency policy framework’ closed on Monday, 28 April.

ISOPA looks forward to the review and hopes its comments will be taken on-board – there is a large untapped potential to save energy usage for buildings, and ISOPA supports measures that would stimulate the tapping of that potential. By introducing a specific savings target for buildings, energy consumption in existing buildings can be reduced by 80% by 2050 – objectives should be framed by clear guidelines to stimulate the energy-efficient refurbishment given a staged and deep renovation is both possible and cost-effective.

For those unfamiliar with the process, public consultations are launched by the European Commission to gather the views of external stakeholders, ranging from the general public to private and public organisations to industry, on a particular issue (in this case energy efficiency). Once the consultation closes, the Commission collates all contributions, processes the results and produces a consolidated report which together with the original contributions are subsequently published online; this is followed by a public conference where the Commission invites stakeholders to provide further input. The results of both the consultation and conference are then used to feed into the Commission’s proposal.

With regards to energy efficiency, replies submitted to the consultation will provide important input to the review of progress towards the 2020 energy efficiency target. The resulting product is expected to be a communication published in Summer 2014 (at the earliest).

Did you participate? Let us know what you told the Commission and commenting on our blog below or respond to us on Twitter!

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