Polyurethane and Innovation: Time for a prize?

There is a very interesting event coming in September in Dallas, Texas: the Polyurethane Innovation Award. This is a great opportunity to shed the light on polyurethane and its amazing uses in industry and our daily lives!

Most of us use polyurethane daily, without even noticing it. For example, did you know that polyurethane was present in your mattress, in your couch and in the seats of your car? Its foam texture makes them comfortable, while its flexibility allows designers to express their creativity. It is light and durable, and can be worked in a wide variety of shapes and firmness. No wonder it has become a favourite materials for those daily uses!

This explains why polyurethane is such a great ally of innovation. Did you know, for example, that your holiday surfboard would probably still be made of wood if it weren’t for polyurethane? Hobie Alter passed away last month, but he was the one to thank for this innovative and unexpected use of polyurethane: he made surf boards lighter, easier and quicker to produce!

Surf Boards

If such a prize had existed when he came up with this idea, Hobie Alter would probably have won it! At ISOPA, we’re thinking it would not be such a bad idea to create such a prize in Europe. It would be an opportunity for all actors in the industry to gather and share on their process and innovative thinking, and a great window to Europeans to see how polyurethane is involved in so many aspects of their daily lives. What do you think? Would you participate? Share your thoughts in the comments and on Twitter!


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