STAY COOL THIS SUMMER: Top tips to insulate your house

The warmth and sunshine of the summer months are upon us and thus we bring you top tips of how to insulate your house.

Taking our Polyurethane Passive House as example, building a new home from scratch to accommodate all insulation and passive house concepts, you can achieve up to 90% less energy than a common house today. But you can make a difference in your own home, as renovating existing homes can lead to energy consumption cuts of up to 40%!

What’s that I hear you ask? Why talk about insulation during the summer months? This is a common misconception: insulation is important not only to in winter to keep warm, but also in summer to stay cool! So check out our top tips below:

  • Insulate your loft: Millimetres of insulation can make all the difference! If you’ve ever been up to your attic in the summer, you know how hot it can get! In some cases, it can reach up to 60 degrees Celsius, or even higher, and all this heat will radiate down into your home! By improving your attic insulation, you block the incoming heat and stay cooler in the summer.
  • It’s also important to keep your home air tight, so inject polyurethane insulation foam into wall cavities from the outside. If your house has solid walls, insulate them from the inside with thermal boards or make a cavity with battens and plasterboard.
  • If you don’t have double glazed windows, try polyurethane panels that create a seal around the window frame, as air leaks and unprotected windows are an important factor in keeping cool.
  • During the hottest part of the day, a window can absorb 10 times as much heat as the same area of an insulated wall. Therefore, thick curtains or blinds are great as they help resist heat entering through the windows.
  • Get an eco-flap letter plate on the back of your letterbox to stop unwanted draughts.
  • A chimney balloon will stop cool air from being sucked out of the room.

These insulating tips promise lower energy bills, be it from heating in the winter or air-conditioning in the summer, so it’s worth the investment! Want some more good news? Many countries offer some forms of subsidies to do this work on your house, making it even easier! Want to read more about Passive House ideas? Then check out more great blogs here!

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