Love Fashion, Love the Planet!

The latest trend to hit the Parisian Champs d’Elysées comes in the form of the futuristic, transparent raincoat. A new design which allows you to weatherproof your weekend with style, come rain or shine.

Gone are the days of hiding the most beautifully assembled outfit under a heavy dark overcoat, as the Spring/Summer 2013 collection of the French fashion line, Wanda Nylon, allows us to show off our clothing whilst wearing a contemporary and chic coat.

Wanda Nylon “loves this planet” and is dedicated to water protection and the environment. For this reason, the fashion line’s products are made of recyclable materials. Our favourite transparent PVC trench coat from Wanda Nylon is no exception, as the coat is made out of 100% recyclable polyurethane, keeping both you and the environment looking great!

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