A Passive House Windows Narrative

The Polyurethanes Passive House, a project launched on 1 September 2011, documents the construction of a passive house from floor to ceiling. Now, having concluded 2012, we take a moment to assess progress made so far as we review the latest update, the installation of our Passive House windows!


Why are windows so important?
Windows are an essential component of a passive house as they cut out that nasty and costly draught by providing perfect wind and water protection, while also making the most of the heating potential from the sunlight.

Where is the polyurethane?
Polyurethane windows are 729 times less thermally conductive than aluminum frames! The key here is quality glazing and polyurethane window frames; the polyurethane allows tenants to avoid heat loss and make the most of sunlight by improving insulation. Essentially, windows encompass what the Passive House is all about; keeping the house cool in the summer and warm in the winter!

How we installed them:

See more pictures of the passive house window installation here.

What about ventilation?
On a cool summer’s day you can open the Passive House windows to hear the birds singing if you choose to, but on those pesky humid days when you look to escape the heat the advanced Passive House ventilation system allows for fresh air to always channel through your home; the ventilation system purifies outside air through a filter, removes warm indoor air through ventilation ducts, and introduces the correct amount of fresh air at various locations throughout the house. The ventilation system aims at bringing ultimate comfort: sound is muted, there is no heat/coolness lost, and the whole house is draft free, allowing 90% of energy to be saved! Learn more about the Passive House ventilation system in the visual explanation on our YouTube video here.

To follow our continued progress of the Passive House that has the smallest environmental impact while saving its owners money, check out the latest updates on our website here and watch our YouTube video on the house’s construction here!

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