Hats Off to Polyurethane

The turn of the season not only introduces us to a change in weather, but also to a change in fashion.

During these past two weeks, Europe’s capitals have embraced the latest clothing couture as they hosted huge scale fashion shows. This week sees top designers, including Yves Saint Laurent, Channel and Gucci, gracing the Parisian runways with their presence. Meanwhile, September saw London’s fashion week greeted with over 5,000 visitors; resulting media coverage exceeded most major news and international sporting events! In fact, during London’s fashion week, clothing orders of over £100m were placed!

Thankfully, our personal wardrobes don’t need to put such a strain on our wallets, as polyurethane presents itself as an alternative material for fashion which is both long lasting and affordable!

The advantage offered by polyurethane as a fashion material is its versatility. The qualities of elasticity, hardness and density of polyurethane mean that it can be moulded to fit the bill of whatever is being designed; the tallest of fashion heels, the widest of hats set at angles defying gravity or latest designs of handbags .

Let’s take a look at one very important element of any catwalk – shoes. Polyurethane can be found in a range of shoes across society. Safety wear is supported by the strength of polyurethane. Active wear employs polyurethane given its breathable and waterproof qualities. Fashion shoes can also be created with the versatile polyurethane, a material which can be moulded into a work of art.

Not only is it cheaper, but polyurethane’s high quality ensures longer life span and greater quality than traditional materials. This durability ensures that you can hold onto that favourite pair of shoes longer than any other.

But we’re talking about fashion after all, what happens when these shoes go out of fashion? Even when eventually the time comes for you to painfully part ways, polyurethane continues to deliver as the polyurethanes within the shoe can be used together with other municipal solid waste as an energy source.

Proof that polyurethane can be fashionable, comfortable, safe, and sustainable.

See the best of Paris Fashion Week in action:
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