Success on the court!

This weekend, followers of the Paralympic Games will be watching the Wheelchair Basketball finals from their homes around the world, while those who were lucky enough to get a ticket to the sold-out event will enjoy the exciting live experience.

Practiced in more than 80 countries around the world today, Wheelchair Basketball is one of the most popular sports at the Paralympic Games, celebrated for the speed, agility and the sporting prowess displayed by the athletes.

The sport was first promoted by Sir Ludwig Guttman, founder of the Paralympic Games, which was originally developed following World War II for the war veterans as part of their rehabilitation. Since its origin, the sport has evolved in leaps and bounds, pushing athletes to perform at their best and making Wheelchair Basketball the celebrated game that it is today.

Polyurethanes have played an important role in the evolution of wheelchair technology which allows for increasing dexterity of the athletes.  Thanks to polyurethane, wheelchairs today are stronger, faster, and smoother . Polyurethane wheels have a longer lifeline and smoother movement thanks to its strong and supple material, while also being lighter and cheaper than tradition tire materials. Polyurethane can also be found in the cushion of wheelchairs, which allows for greater comfort, support, and protection against the effects of pressure and the demands of the sport.

Thanks to materials like polyurethane, wheelchair technology can be adapted to different athlete’s needs, an essential element of Wheel Chair Basketball, a sport where athletes with a wide range of disabilities compete together, making the game accessible to all people.

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