Conquering Babylon: What are polyurethanes?

Do you ever have to explain to people who you are and what you do? Sometimes this can be quite the challenge as different lives, professions or actions can seem foreign to others. The problem of communicating your message is not limited to individuals but also to products like polyurethanes.

Despite polyurethanes being used daily in clothing and footwear, refrigerators and freezers, furniture and a wide range of other products, not everyone is aware of what polyurethane is! For this reason, we created a video to answer just that question in less than 4 minutes on our YouTube channel, PolyurethanesMedia. The video, in English, can be found here:

YouTube Preview Image

English, like polyurethanes, is foreign to some people despite being global. As a result, we figured we’d sit down and take the time to explain to everyone, not just our faithful readers, what polyurethanes are and what they can do in their mother tongue.

Please find the above animation explaining to you all about this versatile material in deutsch, español, français, italiano, nederlands, magyar, polski, русский, & svenska!

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