Plastics and polyurethanes: protecting our planet in style

Europe’s 2020 targets aim to reduce our GHG emissions by 20%, have renewables shape 20% of our energy mix and increase our energy efficiency levels by 20%. Realising these targets requires not only political will but also innovation to create light, efficient and sustainable technology. Today, polyurethanes and the plastics family are leading to way to increasingly energy efficient technology which uses less, but delivers more!

YouTube Preview Image


This PlasticsEurope video shows how plastic helps reduce our energy footprint in ways we often take for granted. For example, did you know that:

  • Over their lifetime wind turbine blades constructed from polyurethanes generate more than 140 times the amount of energy it took to produce them;
  • Insulation panels recoup the energy used to create them in only four months;
  • Modern cars and aeroplanes use polyurethanes not just in seats and furnishings, but also in body panels, floors and wings. The reduced weight means we can decrease fuel consumption without cutting comfort!

The polyurethane and plastics industries are busily continuing to develop better products to help us save money and support the environment in our daily lives. For more information on the energy efficiency contribution of polyurethanes, have a look at our wind turbines blog or visit our polyurethanes passive house website.

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