Conservatives claim victory over EU Energy Savings Bill

Last night, we guessed that a deal had been secured by European Parliamentarians on the Energy Efficiency Directive. In fact, the answer came a few minutes after our blog was posted from Peter Liese and Richard Seeber, two German MEPs from the Christian Democrats (EPP). The two MEPs published a press release claiming victory on the deal. Liese and Seeber were particularly happy that the main amendments they called for on behalf of the Parliament’s Environment Committee (the lead committee was the Industry committee) were included:

  • “Achieve more flexibility for the implementation” of the directive;
  • “Assuring the 20% target”;
  • Alignment with EU’s carbon trading scheme (ETS).

It may not have any significance, but we couldn’t help but notice that the other main players on the directive, the Liberals, Greens and Social Democrats, have not reacted officially yet. Similarly, it’s odd that Markus Pieper, who was shadow rapporteur for the Christian Democrats -not Liese or Seeber – would let his colleagues take credit for the win…

It will all become much clearer once we actually read the compromise text. Is the compromise a real setback for energy efficiency enthusiasts like Turmes (MEP Greens), Hall (MEP Liberals) and Thomsen (MEP Social Democrats)? Will this compromise give enough leeway for the Parliament to negotiate with the Council?

At least, for Mr Liese, it seems to be celebration time! (Disclaimer: the photo below was NOT taken yesterday after the negotiations!)

Peter Liese

Source: Peter Liese - Flickr Creative Commons




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