Introducing Polyurethane Passive to Taiwan!

We recently hosted the Taiwanese Central News Agency at our Polyurethane Passive House building site in order to explain the benefits of using polyurethane in passive constructions. To help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, we’re using polyurethane to construct a house in Brussels, Belgium, that will not only save energy compared to traditional houses, but also material. With world leaders discussing climate change in Durban, South Africa at COP17, there’s never been a more pertinent time to stress the need for energy efficiency in buildings as they currently consume 40 per cent of the world’s energy!

We chose polyurethane as it is “one of the best performing insulation materials in the current debate on CO2 reduction”, says ISOPA Secretary General Dr Wolfram Frank. “For climate change, insulation and energy efficiency”, he notes, “polyurethane is part of the solution”. There is a strong need for a smaller carbon footprint on the world; polyurethane allows us to take that step.

Please click here to see the exciting news report about our Polyurethane Passive House in Chinese!

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