2 + 2 = an update on the Passive House project!

After keeping you all in suspense for a month, the Polyurethane Passive House is proud to inform you that we’ve added two floors!

South-west view of the passive house

The ISOPA Passive House will use a single 18cm polyurethane insulation panel, as seen above

The walls for both additional levels, like the two before, are insulated using acoustic insulation made of flexible polyurethane foam to meet the passive house standard. The exterior walls will be insulated with insulation panels 18 cm thick, making the total walls 45 cm. Polyurethane thus not only saves money and energy, but space too; it’s also the environmentally friendly choice as PU insulation saves 400 times the amount of oil equivalent than it takes to produce! Most importantly, if you like to sleep in on your comfortable polyurethane mattress during the weekends like we do, the insulation used also ensures effective sound proofing giving the Polyurethane Passive House’s future residents the necessary peace and quiet needed to relax! In case you’re reading this thinking, “But I’ve already built my house!”, a great way to renovate your home is using polyurethane spray foam insulation.


Next week should see the roof being raised! The roof, consisting of prefabricated panels, was put together with polyurethane insulation in the Netherlands on 14 November 2011. For now, please enjoy these photo’s of our exciting project as is 15 November 2011; we’ll be sure to bring you additional photos and videos of the roof being produced next week!


For more information on the Passive House project, have a look at the Polyurethanes Passive House website. Click on the photos below for a close-up!






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