Moving forward with the Passive House project!

Today was a very important day in the building of the Polyurethanes Passive House; everyone, ranging from the architect to ISOPA, came together to discuss the building plan so that we can bring you the next steps of an already fast moving construction site.

During the meeting, one of the main topics was raising the roof. This should take place early November and will be a quick event as prefabricated polyurethane panels will be installed. First, however, we’ll need to add another two floors to double the already two existing ones! As you can see below, both the ground floor and first floor have already been erected.

Passive House construction of First floor and Second floor

View of the structure of the Polyurethanes Passive House Ground/1st floor

Another two floors are set to be built late next week; this will include both the wall and its acoustic polyurethane insulation. Expect more information and photos of the construction of these floors sometime in the week following their erection.The meeting also covered what we’ll be providing you during the construction of our Polyurethane Passive House. As there are so many parties involved, expect interviews with the architect, suppliers as well as construction workers in the next coming weeks to discuss what is being done, why it is necessary and why polyurethane.

Be sure to visit the site as a lot of exciting things are on the verge! For now though, enjoy these photo updates of the Polyurethane Passive House as is 6 October 2011.

Polyurethanes acoustic insulaiton inserted between the two houses

Polyurethane foam acoustic insulation between Polyurethanes Passive House and neighbours

Close-up of acoustic insulation made of flexible polyurethane foam






















More of the photos we took on site today:

West angle of the Polyurethanes Passive House on sunny 6 October 2011

Wall structure of the passive house

One component foam used to plug holes in the wall structure and improve airtightness

Welcome to the polyurethanes passive house's garage

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