Introducing the Polyurethanes Passive House project

A while ago we decided to build a passive house to illustrate what we have been saying about polyurethanes for years: it is sustainable, comfortable and versatile. We therefore had the idea to build a house according to one of the most efficient construction standards, the passive house standard. But we wanted to do so using polyurethane materials wherever we could. Today we are pleased to launch the project and the website, where you will be able to follow the construction process step by step.

What is a passive house? You may ask.

The passive house concept was invented by Bo Adamson in May 1988 in Sweden, to go beyond the low-energy standards for new buildings that were being made compulsory in Denmark and Sweden in the 1980’s. A passive house is defined as a building which, in the Central European climate, has a negligible heating energy requirement and therefore needs no active heating. Such houses can be kept warm “passively”, using only the existing internal heat sources, solar energy admitted by the windows and by heating the fresh air supply.

Put simply:

  • A passive house can use up to 85% less energy than a conventional building
  • A passive house only requires the capacity of an iron to maintain comfortable warmth throughout the winter!

There are about 12,000 passive houses in Europe, although existing technologies now make them easier to achieve and also more affordable. The Polyurethanes Passive House will be another one, and we are announcing the beginning of construction today. The picture below shows the site before construction began (more pictures in the coming days).

The plot where the polyurethanes passive house in located in Brussels

Click to enlarge


You may also wonder why build a passive house.

A key aspect to passive construction is high-performance insulation, and as one of the best insulation materials we felt it was just right to spread the word about passive houses. Not only because it is our firm belief that using as little energy as possible in buildings is will help make the drastic CO2 emission cuts needed, but also because it is a matter of people saving money on bills while living in a more comfortable home.

The polyurethanes passive house may not be the first passive house, but given the importance of sustainable construction in meeting our environmental and societal challenges, we thought that people ought to know about the potential of passive houses, and they ought to know how it’s done.

That is why starting today, we will blog about the developments of the house, posting pictures, videos and detailed explanation of each step of the construction process.

Use the RSS feed to stay updated and see the house grow day by day. If you want to know more about the project already, visit !


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